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Buyer Profile Q&A

Ryan: Mid-Thirties, Business Development – San Francisco

Gabriela: Mid-Thirties, Manager – San Francisco

Best Sunday in Dogpatch: Brunch at Serpentine and Gallery

Reason for Buying: Best neighborhood in San Francisco!


Anyone who loves, or lives in, a great city knows each neighborhood is its own microcosm with its own distinctive personality. When Ryan Martineau and Gabriela Hernandez decided to buy their condo at 815 Tennessee after renting in a building across the street, they already knew that Dogpatch was one of the most exciting cities-within-a city in San Francisco. With firsthand knowledge about why the San Francisco Chronicle calls Dogpatch San Francisco’s new “boomtown” and its “fastest-growing neighborhood,” Martineau and Hernandez were excited to continue their time in Dogpatch in a striking new home that would be both an “ideal location” and an “attractive investment.”

We spoke with Ryan and Gabriela about what they love about Dogpatch and 815 Tennessee:

  1. Which services and features at 815 Tennessee are most important to maintaining your work/life balance and managing your schedule?

815 Tennessee is right here in the center of everything. We wanted to stop paying rent and buy a home. We thought about the vision for 815 Tennessee and Dogpatch and saw that the upcoming stadium, the renovation of Pier 70, and the new project at the Potrero power plant will add to the neighborhood and bring in a mix of business, as well as tech and industrial growth—and growth in general. It’s an attractive investment.

We also like that high-end elements are being added. We know the value of the neighborhood will increase, and there will be a higher demand over time. We lived in a similar building, also a new well-designed building, that was beautiful on the outside, and we wanted that again. We also wanted outdoor space to entertain in and great views of the city. We especially love the BBQ. Having a parking spot is also critical!

The building is well-positioned in the neighborhood, high up on a hill. Not too far from the Downtown Mission Bay but also not too close. It’s an ideal location.


  1. Which nearby museums and cultural attractions do you frequent? Does being within walking distance help you enjoy them more often?

We really like the Minnesota Street Art Gallery. There are also a number of breweries in the neighborhood and places like The Ramp on the waterfront. Every once in a while, we’ll go hear live music, like the concerts on Potrero Hill, or we’ll go to Giants games.


  1. In what ways is 815 Tennessee kid-friendly?

The building is located directly off 3rd Street, and it’s close to Esprit Park. Eventually, the new greenway will be finished, and that will be great for kids. Many of the nearby restaurants and bookstores are also kid-friendly.


  1. Do you have a favorite restaurant, bar, or boutique in Dogpatch?

Longbridge Pizza, Piccino, Serpentine, and Moshi Moshi are some of our favorites.


  1. How would you describe the vibe or atmosphere in Dogpatch and at 815 Tennessee?

Dogpatch is the tip of the energy and innovation of San Fran, and it’s a hub that embraces people who want exposure to this energy. It’s easy to see why companies like Uber are attracted to Pier 70. The neighborhood represents the city’s future. The vibe is industrial and innovative—and it’s an atmosphere that embraces change and evolution, which is very exciting.

The community here is diverse, not static. You can see this in the social scene, the art scene, the tech culture, and in the restaurants. It’s hard to find this combination in other neighborhoods.

It also has a mix of good weather and a small and intimate laid back feeling, but with convenient access to the Bay and Downtown. It’s a micro neighborhood that offers a quiet home life that is still very much a part of San Francisco. It really is the best of both worlds.