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Dogpatch Wine Roundup

Harvest Season is upon us—which means it’s time to indulge the palate. As San Francisco residents prepare themselves for this indulgence, wine pairings become necessary features of the culinary bliss. Luckily, Dogpatch is filled with an impressive array of wine bars and shops for prospective residents of the luxury condos at 815 Tennessee to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites:


Yield Wine Bar  |  2490 3rd Street

Over the last decade, Yield has cultivated an enviable reputation in the area. Meticulously selected—and almost entirely organic and/or sustainably sourced—wines define their menu, while their gourmet vegetarian fare (we recommend their artichoke kale dip) ties the whole experience together. Outdoor seating is often available; the interior is quaint and charming; and the wine is environmentally friendly and delicious.


Dogpatch WineWorks  |  2455 3rd Street

The elegant Dogpatch WineWorks, which is a large winery and event space, offers an array of tastings, and it can be rented for private vino-centric celebrations, but what sets WineWorks apart are the winemaking programs. Via the “Private Barrel” experience, customers can make their own custom wine barrel (288 bottles) while being guided by professionals. You certainly don’t find that at many wineries.


DIG Wine  |  1005 Minnesota Street

DIG is well-known for their incredible collection of old-world French and Italian wines, and they specialize in recommending wine for food pairings. The staff is highly knowledgeable and will be sure to steer you in the right direction—they live and breathe wine here. On Fridays and Saturdays, they often host tastings, which are a wonderful way to discover some new varietals without taking the full-bottle plunge.


The Wine House  |  829 26th Street

For 40 years and counting, The Wine House has been a premier San Francisco wine destination. They stock an immense amount of vino from all over the globe (especially French wines) and are constantly evolving and rotating their stock. While their selection may be daunting to a novice, their expert staff is at the ready to help guide customers to the ideal bottle. They’re masters at food pairings and will inspire you to expand your horizons-de-vino.


Ava Winery

This one stands out from the others on this list because it’s more of a laboratory than a winery. Located within a Dogpatch warehouse, Ava Winery’s mission is to recreate classic wines of the past, “molecule by molecule” without the use of grapes. It’s all about chemistry here, drinkable chemistry. The mission is ambitious, and people all over the world are taking notice. While the public can’t taste their wine yet, the anticipation is building, and they’re hoping to have their first batch out by the end of 2017. If Ava is able to recreate bottles of wine worth tens of thousands of dollars and sell them for $20 (which is their goal), they will turn the entire wine industry upside down. Be sure to keep your eye on them.


Image courtesy of © Van Doninck