Buyer Profile Q&A

Ryan: Mid-Thirties, Business Development – San Francisco Gabriela: Mid-Thirties, Manager – San Francisco Best Sunday in Dogpatch: Brunch at Serpentine and Gallery Reason for Buying: Best neighborhood in San Francisco!   Anyone who loves, or lives in, a great city knows each neighborhood is its own microcosm with its own distinctive personality. When Ryan Martineau… Read more »

Spotlight on Interior Designer Lauren Geremia

As with most successful artists, Lauren Geremia’s approach is multifaceted. While enrolled at the acclaimed Rhode Island School of Design, Geremia trained as a painter and thought a career in fine arts was in her future—and in some ways, it was. In title, Geremia is technically an interior designer, but her approach extends directly from… Read more »

Q & A With Lauren Geremia

Lauren Geremia, the designer of 815 Tennessee’s head-turning interiors, recently spoke with us about her work history, processes, and inspirations. Whether or not you are one of the residents of these condos in Dogpatch, we hope you will feel inspired by the care, attention, and skill that went into making 815 Tennessee such an exciting… Read more »

The Dogs of Dogpatch

It’s no secret that Dogpatch is a neighborhood that welcomes, even celebrates, our four-legged friends. Within a quick walk of the condos for sale at 815 Tennessee, there are plenty of hot spots where Fido is welcome to curl up at your feet while you sample a drink or two. So, if you and your… Read more »

Augustus Jesse Bowie Jr.: A San Francisco Pioneer

When it comes to Dogpatch trailblazers, Augustus Jesse Bowie Jr. is a name we all should know. Bowie was on the cutting edge of the technologies of his time in the late 1800s and early 1900s. His work fast-tracked the Bay Area’s rise as one of the most technologically advanced regions in the country. In… Read more »

Fletcher Studio Brings Mastery to 815 Tennessee

If landscape architect David Fletcher is known for any one thing, it may be the vast scope of his endeavors. As founder of the landscape architecture firm Fletcher Studio in Dogpatch, San Francisco; writer; and professor at California College of the Arts, his body of work is remarkably versatile, spanning the spectrum from small gardens… Read more »

At the Crossroads: 815 Tennessee Then and Now

Once an electrical switch factory, 815 Tennessee combines old and new to reflect the history of the Dogpatch District. As part of the modern beauty sprouting forth from a historic facade, the condos at 815 Tennessee embody the renewal and vibrancy that have come to define the neighborhood. Interiors by architects Edmonds + Lee prove… Read more »

Dogpatch Wine Roundup

Harvest Season is upon us—which means it’s time to indulge the palate. As San Francisco residents prepare themselves for this indulgence, wine pairings become necessary features of the culinary bliss. Luckily, Dogpatch is filled with an impressive array of wine bars and shops for prospective residents of the luxury condos at 815 Tennessee to enjoy.… Read more »

Dogpatch Arts Plaza

The new Dogpatch Arts Plaza will bridge Dogpatch’s industrial past with its recent artistic revitalization. More than just another park or gallery space, the plaza is designed to be a spot where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, partake in good conversation with your neighbors, and be together with others as a community. The… Read more »

Dogpatch Open Studios

Minnesota Street Project At 150,000+ square feet, the Minnesota Street Project (MSP) encompasses a massive amount of gallery space in the very heart of Dogpatch. Reclaiming a former raw warehouse and woodshop via a design by Jensen Architects, the 1275 Minnesota Street location houses 11 of MSP’s permanent galleries, as well as flexible spaces for… Read more »

Home Is Where the Art Is

San Francisco’s Dogpatch District has just been crowned “America’s Next Great Art Neighborhood” by T Magazine, helping to cement the city’s exciting reputation as an art center that rivals Berlin and New York, while maintaining a distinct West Coast flair. This means that decorating one of the condos at 815 Tennessee in San Francisco will… Read more »

The New York Times Calls Dogpatch “America’s Next Great Art Neighborhood.”

San Francisco’s Dogpatch District, a waterfront neighborhood once known for its industrial spaces, has rapidly become a haven for the arts. Old factories are turning into art galleries and studios, while quaint shops and indie boutiques are popping up alongside a growing lineup of great restaurants. The creative energy here is infectious; everything feels bright… Read more »

Dining in Dogpatch

Dogpatch, San Francisco, which has been receiving noteworthy press lately as a neighborhood at the forefront of the international art scene, also boasts the most contemporary industrial-chic vibe in the Bay Area, captured perfectly by the Dogpatch condos for sale at 815 Tennessee, as well as a stellar list of restaurants whose food and atmosphere… Read more »

The Trailblazers of Dogpatch

The Dogpatch District of San Francisco has undergone a true residential renaissance, but it hasn’t left its industrial past behind entirely; rather, it has vaulted off it and created a new, vibrant aesthetic. There’s a patchwork of buildings from different time periods, originally constructed for an array of functions, and the wealth of unique land… Read more »

Dogpatch Dispatch | Itinerary For The Fashionista

With its industrial history and vibrant character, Dogpatch is the ideal hub for San Francisco’s fashion-forward denizens. The go-getting, entrepreneurial spirit of the neighborhood’s past seems to have been resurrected, this time in the form of hip, high-end cuisine, art, and handmade goods. Pop your head into an erstwhile factory or warehouse, and you may… Read more »