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Spotlight on Interior Designer Lauren Geremia

As with most successful artists, Lauren Geremia’s approach is multifaceted. While enrolled at the acclaimed Rhode Island School of Design, Geremia trained as a painter and thought a career in fine arts was in her future—and in some ways, it was. In title, Geremia is technically an interior designer, but her approach extends directly from her knowledge and training outside the realms of design. Her distinct style is punctuated by her appreciation for fine art—it’s what sets her apart from the crowd. When speaking to designboom in 2015, Geremia said she “entered the design world to combine all [her] interests–art, interiors, color, and photography.”

In 2006, she founded the eponymously titled Geremia Design, and her trajectory has only continued upward from there. In 2011, she was selected for the Forbes “30 Under 30” list. In subsequent years, she has developed an enviable reputation in Silicon Valley, designing spaces for Instagram, Dropbox, Lumosity, and Hightail, among others.

Geremia has become well-known in the Bay Area and beyond for creating workable spaces that are tied together by one-of-a-kind pieces and design elements. Her connections in the art world are fully utilized in her design work; each space is crafted as a highly-functional, dynamic gallery. Aesthetics and practicality collide for stunning results.

In addition to her commercial work, she’s designed numerous residences throughout California. Some of her home designs lean toward the more modern and sleek end of the spectrum, while others bend toward the more rustic side. But regardless of the look, the work has a level of refinement that adds a sense of warmth. In fact, the most impressive aspect of Geremia’s talent may be her restraint. The spaces she designs never feel over-worked. She is not overly showy; she has a deft hand; and she knows precisely how to arrange a room around a few typically vibrant focal points.

At Geremia’s latest venture—the new condos for sale at 815 Tennessee in Dogpatch—her talents are well-suited for the generous ceilings, some of which reach up to 12’ in the 5th floor penthouse residences. The chic building’s exterior, with its bright red brick, is a nod to classic designs of the past, but it maintains a contemporary feel. The aesthetic is right in Geremia’s wheelhouse, as it successfully melds two separate eras with impressive results. Wide-plank oak hardwood floors, white quartz countertops, and massive windows provide the framing for Geremia’s designs. With this pairing, it seems Dogpatch, San Francisco, has incubated a new residential gem.

Reviewing Lauren Geremia’s accomplishments, and the sterling reputation she’s built, it’s hard to believe she is only in her early 30s. Her past is undeniably impressive, and the future is certainly bright.