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The Dogs of Dogpatch

It’s no secret that Dogpatch is a neighborhood that welcomes, even celebrates, our four-legged friends. Within a quick walk of the condos for sale at 815 Tennessee, there are plenty of hot spots where Fido is welcome to curl up at your feet while you sample a drink or two. So, if you and your best friend are out and about in Dogpatch, San Francisco, stop in at one of our favorite dog-friendly businesses.

Triple Voodoo Brewery & Tap Room | 2245 Third Street

Artists, makers, and entrepreneurs get as thirsty as anyone, so it’s no surprise that Dogpatch is home to some of the best craft beer in California. If you want to see the neighborhood’s hip, industrious spirit on dazzling display, leash up Fido and swing by Triple Voodoo Brewery & Taproom. Sunlight pours through the massive windows, lending a warm feel to the cavernous modern-industrial warehouse. It’s an easy place to spread out, lounge, and stay awhile. Try the “Choose Your Own Beer Flight,” and you’ll be asked to write down your choices, which the bartender will serve up on a rustic plank of wood. Your furry friend won’t go thirsty either, as the staff has kindly placed water bowls throughout the space. Bring your own takeout, or better yet, choose from whatever local vendor happens to be on deck that day. For example, on Thursdays, Sunset29 offers up a combination of trivia and barbeque, so you can surprise your friends with your obscure knowledge while enjoying some smoky tri-tip.

The Sea Star | 2289 Third Street

If you prefer the kind of bar that has a jukebox and a pool table, but you also long to savor a finely crafted cocktail, look no further. The Sea Star is that rarest of beasts: a laid-back neighborhood bar full of personality that serves cocktails smart enough to impress even your savviest foodie friends. Over the last one hundred years, the Sea Star has lived many lives, but always as a beloved watering hole. The new owners have shined up the place, giving it some much-needed, yet selective TLC; now it sparkles with chandeliers and wallpaper, while holding onto some of the funky charm of its past—case in point: the hot pink octopus chandelier dangling overhead. Owner Alicia Walton can often be found behind the bar, slingin’ drinks as her own dog lies curled up nearby. The SF Chronicle named her one of their 2017 Bar Stars, describing her concoctions as both “arrestingly simple” and able “to combine seemingly cacophonous elements into a balanced whole.” Where else can you sip an award-winning cocktail while your pup snoozes at your feet?

Dogpatch Saloon | 2496 Third Street

This list would be incomplete without the Dogpatch Saloon, a neighborhood institution that goes beyond being dog-friendly. The mural on the side of the building depicts a happy hound with drink in hand. Some locals recall a time when the Dogpatch Saloon was quite different, and it does have a lot of history; in fact, it’s been around for almost a century. After a few recent renovations, the revamped space is warm and inviting, while still paying tribute to its roots. On a chilly night, when the fog rolls in, a fireplace in the back kicks out a generous dose of heat. On sunny afternoons, the windows are kept wide open, the better to let in the breeze. If your pup likes music, stop in on the weekend, and you’re likely to find a friendly crowd waiting for the band to tune up, accompanied by plenty of wagging tails.